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The Collab-Lab

In 2020, at the start of covid, three San Francisco Artists formed The CollabLab. Johnny Botts, Debra Reabock, and Denise Tarantino shaped a small pandemic pod. We initially sought to share social media techniques and understand how to better leverage Instagram, Facebook, and tiktok given the absence of in-person events. 


Several months into developing our social media ‘know-how’ we discussed the possibility of a more creative collaboration.  The idea was to create collaborative artwork as a group by combining our styles. We felt working together would bring us new skills and expand our creative problem-solving abilities. 


We approach the process of image development like an Exquisite Corpse project. Each of us adds to the composition in sequence, and if don’t have consensus on the final image, we don’t publish it. 


Our art pieces represent how collaboration radiates positive energy and brings people together in community.


Now we’ve had the opportunity to build images together for over a year and our work will soon be part of the permanent collection of a major children’s hospital in Dallas, TX.