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Trees & Rocks

Roadside America

I lead account development at several AI driven marketing technologies firms.  My clients were distributed throughout the rural areas of the Americas. To say that my travel was arduous would be an understatement.  With much of my client portfolio remote, attending work sessions required multiple modes of transportation as well as two full days. 

I took full advantage of my time  out in the field.  My Mamiya 6MF and  my two lead x-ray bags, loaded with of 120 color fujifilm and Kodak Tri-X films made good traveling companions

I had a knack for finding offbeat objects that seemed to blend into the landscape. Places that seemed to hang in the balance, between intent and neglect are always of interest.


My Roadside America series takes the viewer on a 50-state road trip over the span of 25 years. The images unfold the rich history of America's love for the automobile. as this award-winning series illuminates the quintasensual sites found as part our all but forgotten Sunday drives, and station wagon vacations. The development of America's  rural byways has stopped in time;revealing it history in plan site.

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