The Topiary

Topiaries hold fond memories of a dear friend. As a self-taught gardener, he labored for hours shaping the wire cages used to guide his untutored shears. I thought of his shrubbery as living sculptures. He always considered himself on the leading edge of the 'modern topiary movement'. - Which he defined as the use of  hedges, in a more simple form of topiary, as fences.


He was a truly believed that fences made for good neighbors. He invested hours crafting somewhat geometric boundaries, walls or screens between his property and adjacent homes.  His squarish and roundish designs were not at all the fanciful topiary - as that depends on patience and a trained, steady hand. His shrubs served him well and were viewed with equal admiration.

Topiary, Short Trim
Topiary, PomPom
Topiary & Windows
Topiary on Cement Screen
Topiary, Business Park Wall
Topiary, Out Grown Motel Car Port
Topiary, Large Round & Light Beacon
Topiary & Fence
Topiary, Town Center
Topiary & Pole
Topiary & Chimney
Topiary, Framed
Topiary, Laurel & Clay Streets
Topiary, 2 stories
Topiary, Purple Flowers
Topiary, Ginger
Topiary, Line the Fence
Topiary, Bear
Topiary, Forest
Topiary, Pods
Topiary, Pool & Shadows
Topiary, Garage
Topiary, Pointy
Topiary, Untrimmed
Topiary, No Parking
Topiary, Stop
Topiary, Alien Glow
Topiary, Sausage