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The Collab-Lab

In 2020, three San Francisco Artists formed The CollabLab. Johnny Botts, Debra Reabock, and Denise Tarantino. The group was sparked from a small pandemic pod and hold shared interests for renewal energy, space exploration, robotics and repurposing. 


We set out to create collaborative artwork as a group by combining our styles. We felt working together would bring us new skills and expand our creative problem-solving abilities. 


We approach the process of image development like an Exquisite Corpse project. Each of us adds to the composition in sequence, and if don’t have consensus on the final image, we don’t publish it. 


In our piece ‘Power Up’ touch the possibility of renewable energy being a driving force in space exploration stand tall as a new purposed for the plighted landscape.


We hope to inspire people to embrace and celebrate how collaboration radiates positive energy and brings people together in community.

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